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How Title I works


The federal government provides funding to states each year for Title I.  To receive funds, each school must submit a plan describing:


  • what all children are expected to know and be able to do
  • the high-quality standards of performance that all children are expected to meet
  • ways to measure progress


A Schoolwide Title I school works to:


  • improve school systems for all students
  • provide interventions for students who most need help
  • set goals for improvement
  • measure student progress using standards
  • develop programs that add to regular classroom instruction
  • involve parents in all aspects of the program.


Title I Programs generally offer:


  • Smaller classes
  • Additional teachers
  • Additional training for staff members
  • Extra time for instruction
  • A variety of teaching methods and materials


The annual Title I meeting is a place to start to:


§  learn more about Title I

§  learn about your rights and responsibilities as a Title I parent

§  learn about parenting workshops

§  meet other parents and teachers

§  begin the process of communication and cooperation between parents and schools.


The parent-school compact states the goals and responsibilities of students, parents and schools.  It is a requirement.  Its goal is to help those students who are furthest from meeting state standards.


The parental involvement policy helps parents understand and take part in the school efforts.  It’s a jointly developed plan that spells out what parents, teachers and other school staff need to do to help children meet the state education standards.



Who to contact for Title I questions and or concerns:


Valley Grove Elementary School Office (814) 432-3861


Jacob Saullo         Elementary Principal                                Extension 2902

Tessa Simmons         Assistant Elementary Principal                      Extension 2902

Melissa Wolfgong         Federal Programs Coordinator                      Extension 2941




Joanne Cardy            Title Teacher, K-12                                Extension 2210