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Welcome to the RGHS Guidance Department webpage!

Here you will find resources and information to help you navigate your experience here at RGHS and prepare you for a successful transition to your post-secondary future.

Mrs. Tracy McBride
School Counselor
Grades 7-12
Contact Information
Phone: (814) 437-3759 x1931
Fax (814) 437-1062

Guidance Calendar of Events 2017-2018


  • Review your schedule/transcript/courses with your Guidance Counselor to be sure you are taking the right courses.
  • Register for the SAT by Sept. 1st if you wish to take the test on October 1st.
  • September 10th – Take the ACT Sept. 10th if you registered to do so.  (11th & 12th Grade)
  • September 12th – Picture day.
  • September 15th – Last day to drop semester courses.
  • Register by Sept. 16th to take the ACT on Oct. 22nd.
  • September 26th – Senior meetings begin.
  • Seniors begin watching for scholarship information and opportunities.
  • Student athletes planning to pursue college athletics should register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. (11th & 12th Grade)
  • Take notice of college representatives or military recruiters visiting the cafeteria (also marked on the calendar on the Guidance bulletin board).  (11th & 12th grade)


  • Apply for financial aid after October 1, 2017.  (12th Grade)
  • October 5th – Register for SATs at RGHS
  • October 7th – Take the SAT if you registered to do so.
  • October 11th – ASVAB testing for all sophomores, and PSAT/NMSQT testing for all juniors.
  • October 18th – 9th Grade Vo-Tech tours
  • October 25th – Vo Tech Open House
  • October 26th – Search & Work Day (12th Grade)
  • Take the ACT on October 28th if you registered to do so. (12th Grade)


  • Sign up for the ACT by Nov. 4th if you wish to take the test on December 10th.
  • November 5th –Take the SAT if you registered to do so.
  • November 10th – Veteran’s Day Program in the cafeteria for students and a Military Veteran in their family whom they would like to invite.
  • November 15th – Pitt Titusville College Fair for Juniors (Post-Secondary Options)
  • Seniors – submit applications to any colleges/business/technical schools you wish to apply to.


  • December 2nd – Take the SAT if you registered to do so.
  • December 9th – Take the ACT if you registered to do so.


  • January 9, 10, 11 – Keystone Exam testing
  • Seniors should be finalizing college applications and actively searching for scholarships!


  • Register by Feb. 9th if you wish to take the SAT test on March 10th.
  • Scheduling begins for the 2018-19 school year. Be sure to complete and sign the form and return to Guidance we you can be scheduled appropriate classes for next year to prepare you for your future plans.
  • February 16th – Senior Project Presentations (12th Grade)
  • Junior meetings begin – Discuss your next year schedule, credits for graduation and post-graduation plans with your Counselor.


  • Register by March 9th for the ACT to be given at Franklin or Oil City on April 14th.
  • Take the SAT March 10th if you registered to do so.


  • Take the ACT April 14th if you registered to do so.   
  • Seniors planning on playing sports at college must submit NCAA Clearinghouse Forms.
  • April 9-13th – PSSA English Language Arts testing (Grades 7 & 8)
  • April 16-20th – PSSA Math testing (Grades 7 & 8)
  • April 23-27th – PSSA Science testing (Grade 8)


  • Financial Aid Forms must be submitted by May 1 to be eligible for all financial aid options.  (12th Grade)
  • May 5th – Take the SAT at RGHS if you registered to do so.
  • May 3rd  is the last day to sign up for SAT on June 2nd.
  • May 15, 16, 17 –  Keystone Exam testing
  • Senior finals days are May 21-25.  Seniors last full day at school is May 25th.
  • May 29th – Graduation practices begin
  • May 31st  – Vo Tech Graduation


  • Take the SAT on June 2nd   if you are registered to do so.  
  • June 4th – Academic Awards Ceremony
  • June 5th – Last day of school/graduation
  • Notify Guidance Office where to send final transcript.  (12th Grade)wptab]

Financial Aid

A Financial Aid Workshop is hosted every year in the library at RGHS. All students in grades 11 and 12 are invited to attend with their parents/guardians. A representative from PHEAA will present information on various types of financial aid and discuss the process for applying for aid to attend college, business or technical school after graduation.

This year’s financial aid night is:

November 29, 2017
RGHS Library

Click the link for the Financial Aid Night Presentation:


Our PHEAA Representative:
Marian Hargrave
(724) 614-3823


NCAA Eligibility

 There are two levels of athletics that involve the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
  • Division I & II – “Certification Account,” requires certification by the NCAA to compete at collegiate level
  • Division III – “Profile Page”, can be converted into a Certification Account if a student decides later on to pursue a Division I or II path.

If a student is pursuing athletics at a Division I or Division II college, he/she must be certified by the NCAA. Online registration is required and it is highly recommended to do this at the beginning of their junior year in high school. Registration is NOT optional and students MUST be approved by the NCAA prior to participation in their collegiate level sport. There is an $80.00 fee to register.

To register: visit eligibilitycenter.org and reference the Website Registration Checklist below.

There are several stages through the process where your Guidance Counselor will be prompted via email to upload transcripts for educational verification. Please stay in contact with Mrs. McBride throughout this process to ensure that all phases are complete. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions along the way.

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